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Divan is a brand that produces High Quality flavors. It offers its consumers a delicious and well-presented dining experience in their restaurants. However, the closure of restaurants during the pandemic period created a challenge for the brand. And Divan had to bring this fine dining experience in their restaurants to take away.


We analyzed the menu and processes of the Divan and as a result we created our designs for the Divan. We used a special ink on the label and informed the consumer about the ideal temperature of the food. This technique we use gives the consumer the information that the food must be heated when it cools down.
In pizza boxes, we supported it with the use of separators that allow the sliced pizza to be eaten in single slices in a hygienic manner in order to provide ease of use to the consumer. A label that says “Be the first to open” has been added to all pizza boxes and all lunch boxes to reflect the sense of hygiene and specialness experienced during this pandemic period, especially for Divan’s private customers.


With the environmentally friendly materials we use, consumer-conscious details and impressive ease of use, we have enabled Divan’s restaurants to deliver the quality of their restaurants to their customers’ homes with package service.

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A' Design Award and Competition

Divan Delivery Packaging
Divan Delivery Packaging