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Defans Fly Repellent Products were almost completely natural in terms of ingredients and were sold on the pharmacy channel. However, the current packaging did not reflect the product features of Defans. So, Defans wanted to clearly highlight the features of his product and gain acceptance in the minds of the consumer.


The old packaging had fly images that clearly indicated that it was a fly repellent, and this was quite uncomfortable for the consumer. Users did not know how to use fly repellent products, they avoided contact with the product, thinking that the chemical substances it contains would harm their skin, and they sprayed the product on their clothes. We emphasized the naturalness of the product with the packaging we designed and added information on how to use it. In addition, we made the packaging of the product suitable for sale in the pharmacy channel by putting the logo in a more modern form. By adding stylized fly drawings to the outer packaging, we were able to understand the function of the product at first glance, while not irritating the consumer.


We’ve made the Defans logo and packaging more modern. On the packaging, we clearly showed the product’s closeness to %100 natural and the way of use. We made Defans an easily noticeable product in pharmacies and increased the perception of naturalness among consumers.

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Defans Fly Repellent