Creative Branding Process

Tasarist doesn’t only place emphasize on consumer understanding during the strategic design development process, it also specifically lays focus on shopper and consumer insights. Focusing on the hybrid nature of “consumer-shoppers” and considering latest trends and their implications for design development, fuels a unique approach what we have called CBP (Creative Branding Process).

Design Strategy

One of the biggest challenges in the creative design process is the understanding of the consumer and the shopper and the evaluation of category codes.
We have developed a tool to answer two basic questions; “How can we convince the shoppers?” and “How can we provide benefit to the consumers?” The main strategy which creates a base for the design is determined in this step. We tested our tool for over a year in different segments of FMCG market and it has proven to be successful in sales without exception. A growth in sales was registered in different ratios, particularly even more than 165%, like Bingo Glass Cleaner Spray. “Design Strategy” provides an added value for the strategic orientation of your brand and product compared to the conventional design approaches.

Design Hierarchy

The world’s 200 most valuable brands manage to combine 3 or 4 iconic brand elements within their brand. Considering these elements, prevents the risk to be easily copied or reproduced by the competitors.
The first step will be an analysis of your product according to the 5 basic elements; color, taste, fragrance, brand and shape. In a second step, we will determine the hierarchy of these elements on the design and decide which ones will be highlighted.
Packaging Design Strategy

Decision Direction

This CBP step is shaped according to design strategy and hierarchy. The aim is to direct shoppers towards the product and make them handle it.
Eye perceives category in 5 meters, segment in 3 meters and product in 1 meter from the shelf. We place the elements, determined in design hierarchy step, on the package keeping these distances in mind.