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Bingo Liquid Laundry Detergent.


Design alternatives which don’t fall behind strong appearance of competitors and reflect in-depth, powerful cleaning claim of the product to consumers were demanded for Bingo liquid laundry detergent.


Aesthetics bottle designs which also have a strong appearance were prepared for Bingo liquid laundry detergent. The design was completed with distinctive handle and line details which provide ease of use for consumers.  Dark blue color was preferred for the bottle to differentiate it on the shelf, and to convey the pure and purifying touch of Bingo in a strong way. With the label design which was integrated with the bottle, the product’s “strong cleaning” claim was once again highlighted.


With its strong look and dominant color tone, the new design enhanced Bingo’s effectiveness in this category.

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Bingo Packagin Design

Bingo Packagin Design

Bingo Packagin Design