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Al Bashir Dishwashing Liquid


Al Bashir is a widespread brand of home care products in Middle East, especially Iraq and Iran. Appealing packaging designs accenting product’s performance were demanded for Al Bashir dishwashing liquid.


A bottle with masculine lines was designed to reinforce performance and strength of the product. Powerful appearance of the bottle was blended with esthetics by curvy touches. The design was differentiated with details which also support ergonomics. Gold was preferred as bottle color in order to address “exclusive and high quality” perception of Middle East market. Visual appeal and performance were highlighted in label designs. Logo was also modernized per market dynamics, category codes and latest trends. Renewed logo was used at the center of package and as large as possible. Thus, a strong brand block and memorability were provided. A modern and sparkling pan visual was used with a drop illustration to express performance of product effectively. Claim and variant names were placed at the top of the labels to be seen clearly. Variant differentiation was provided with vivid colors used for background and caps.


Function and performance of the product were expressed in the whole package. Differentiating, appealing and stylish packaging designs were obtained.

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