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MealBox demanded an elaborate presentation for its fresh, additive-free, gourmet foods which are sold online.


An elegant and functional box design was prepared for MealBox in order to increase after sale customer satisfaction. The box design had two pieces. The external part increased visual appeal with its windowed surface and it had an asymmetric oral form to enhance ease of opening. The internal part which contains food was designed as a tray and the front cover could be also used as a table mat. These features provided ease of use and a stylish food presentation. Minimalist design of the box was completed with plain colors and figures.


Comments made for MealBox on social media and online platforms were followed for 3 months. Packaging design of MealBox was mentioned positively in almost all comments. As a result, brand awareness and customer loyalty was positively affected. The design received 3 international and 1 national awards. With its elegant look and distinctive features, MealBox innovated online sales and home delivery categories in which almost all transfers were made by ordinary cartons.

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A'Design Awards, APF AsiaStar, WPO Worldstar, Crescent and Stars of Packaging