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Hayat Shampoo


Hayat Shampoo is the product of Hayat Kimya exposed for sale in Middle East and Turkic Republics. Bottle design alternatives which have a feminine look and can emphasize natural ingredients of the product are demanded for Hayat Shampoo.


Curvy bottle designs with a feminine look were prepared for Hayat Shampoo without changing the current cap. A strand form was applied to the left side of bottle to differentiate product on the shelf and refer to its function. Black color was preferred for the bottle for a sophistical appearance and easy differentiation. The design was completed with colorful and plain labels. Metalized effects were used on the labels for a more premium perception and different label and cap colors were preferred for an easier variant differentiation.


Feminine and aesthetics bottle designs which fit market dynamics were obtained. The project was also awarded by Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competition.

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Crescent and Stars of Packaging