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Endemic Verse

We thought about how we can make the Z generation love a dusty category like cologne, which is a traditional product. With this insight, we wanted the brand to establish a closer relationship with Gen Z by combining artificial intelligence, Metaverse and NFT with packaging so that the target audience could experience a world first.

First of all, we created the brand name, the product range and the marketing texts of Metaverse’s endemic fragrances using Rytr.

We used the Mid Journey for visual designs. Human intervention, on the other hand, was only minor touches.

And the result! Breaking new ground in the world, “Endemic Verse”, a cologne brand that presents the endemic scents of the metaverse to the consumer’s taste, 90% of which is created by artificial intelligence from the brand’s product name to its packaging, has emerged!

Those who bought the Endemic Verse, which was offered for sale with three different products, Dreamy Red Petals, Purple Sky Dream, and Dreams in Blue and limited to 999 pieces, encountered a surprise that we prepared.


Endemic is an animal/plant species specific to the region that lives/grows only in a certain region due to the ecological conditions of the region where it is found, and is not likely to live/grow elsewhere in the world. It is original and unique. Therefore, besides Endemic Verse, we designed 999 different flower images, all with artificial intelligence, and turned them into NFT. This way, when you buy an Endemic Verse product, you also get a unique Endemic Verse NFT. You can print this “unique” NFT you have purchased on a t-shirt, add it to your profile photo, or present it to your loved one as a unique gift with the unique scents of Metaverse.

With the Endemic Verse, we are reviving a product that doesn’t make much sense for the Z generation.

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A' Design Award and Competition