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Bingo Logo


Bingo is one of the most known and well-established trademarks in home-care industry of Turkey. Bingo has started a period of change with a new motto “it understands you”. In order to lead the change process, logo design alternatives with a modern, natural and dynamic look were demanded.


Conventional red color of Bingo was used on a blue background to evoke purity of water. Background was designed in the form of a drop with the aim of creating a natural and modern look. A tree reflection was used on the logo to support the naturalness claim of trademark. Logo highlighted the care for nature and also represented the warm communication between Bingo and its consumers with the new design.


A modern and dynamic logo was designed for Bingo to establish a bond between the brand and consumers. As a result of this period of change, Bingo was rewarded by Marketing Turkey for its increasing brand reputation.

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